Scope or Career options in algorithmic trading & automated trading

We all have thought of making money by trading in the stock market. However, it isn’t easy as it seems. It is said that 95% of retail traders end up losing money when they venture in the stock market. Though we haven’t confirmed the statistics, however we have ventured in the stock market and can confirm the same through experience.

A question pops in our mind, who actually makes money in the stock market? The answer is institutional traders, Commercial banks, Investment banks, Hedge funds, Accountancy firms, Software companies, among other entities. So the only sure shot way of making money is by being employed in these firms as traders. The market of trading has changed drastically, and one needs to be step ahead with this change. When we talk about the change or the update, Algo Trading is the biggest changed happened. Today, every other stock market institutes and finance company use automated trading method for faster and accurate trading.

For stock trading aspirants, this is the best to enter the domain with in-depth knowledge of Algo Trading. In fact, we at Tvisi Institute of Algorithm Trading auto trading courses for programmers and non-programmers to train aspirants about trading. The set curriculum focuses majorly on technical aspects of automated trading.

The course structure serves as a set road map to artificial intelligence and data science. Therefore, if you are already into the trading or an aspirant and looking forward for learning in-depth about auto-trading, then taking up outour course is the best push for your career.

Algorithm Trading

In the present world, trading is not done solely by human work and efforts. Computers have now dominated this practice as well and algorithm trading is highly used in Stock markets. This method has brought high efficiency to financial market. So instead of traders manually trading, these algorithms determine which order to buy and sell. The transactions are high speed and take as little as 18 microseconds. It has grown tremendously in the past few years and in US almost 70% of overall trading volume is generated through algorithm trading. In India, the growth is still there and it accounts for almost 40% of overall trading volume.

Job Opportunities

There are several type of roles available in the industry of algorithm trading such as Quant Trader, Algorithmic Trader and Analyst, Research Quant, Option trading strategist, Quantitative analyst, HFT programmer, consultants and instructors, among others. These are some of the many roles which are sought after by candidates.

Requirements / skills to venture into Algorithm trading

In order to get a position of trading strategy development, the knowledge of Python and R is required. Python developers have high employability as the language is used in many domains such as quant, fundamental, technical, derivatives, among others.

If you want to foray into field of Quantitative Research and Trade, then a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics or statistics, MBA from IIM, or B.Tech in computer science would be helpful.


People in this field are paid decent salaries. For example, a trading strategist can expect a package of Rs.25 Lakh to Rs.50 Lakh, furthermore, an Algo dealer can expect Rs.8 Lakh to Rs.12 Lakh. So yes, the pay is definitely good, provided you possess all the required skills. There is no doubt that Algo trading is the present and the future. Preparing self from right now is the best move you can do for the bright career in the stock market.

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