Tvisi Institute of Algorithmic Trading

"TVISI" a Sanskrit word which means energy, ray of light, vehemence. In trading context TVISI stands for Trading Vectors & Ideations into Software Intelligence.

Our team has more than 8 years of experiene in algorithmic trading, data science, data analytics. We rank among top 2 algorithmic trading software consultants on an international broker - Interactive Brokers. Check our ranking & feedback.

We have served clients from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and more. We have associations with hedge funds, financial institutions, banks, prop. trading desk, high frequency trading institutions, brokers for further training & placements.

We at Tvisi Institute of Algorithmic Trading (TIAT) look to offer courses for programmers and non programmers to train them into quantitative or algorithmic trading programmers. Our course structure includes widely used programming languages like Python, C#.NET, JAVA, MQL, AFL with SQL database (basic and advanced SQL queries, stored procedures).

Our course is designed for traders, programmers, non-programmers to set up their own automated trading desk. Students will learn about capital markets (stock markets, forex markets, commodities markets). Students will learn about different trading platforms API like Interactive Brokers, Sterling Traders, Amibroker, Metatrader 4, Nest Trading platform, Trading Technologies and more.

Our course is also designed for students who wants to learn data analytics, data simulation, data modelling, who wants to sharpen their skills in different programming languages. Our course structure will serve as a road map to artificial intelligence and data science.

Tvisi Institute of Algorithmic Trading (TIAT) is a part of Tvisi Algo Systems LLP. We are a venture with major focus in designing and coding Automated Trading Systems on forex, stocks, futures and options, commodities, ETF's, binary options.

We have designed and coded many custom Automated Trading Systems on various trading platforms APIs. Our team will guide you to design your own custom auto trading software, assist you to select best trading platform according to the nature of your trading strategy. Click here for consultancy on setting up your own auto trading desk.

Our course structure will cover basics and advanced knowledge for:
  • Programming and Debugging skills in Python, C#.NET, JAVA, MS SQL, AFL, MQL.
  • Capital markets - stock markets, forex markets, commodities markets, futures and options (derivatives).
  • Introduction to major technical indicators and how to use them with charting utility.
  • Introduction to Futures and Options (derivatives), option Greeks, options trading, option trading strategies.
  • Introduction to Mutual Funds.
  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis.

Who should join our courses?

  • Who wants to learn programming from scratch
  • Who wants to learn algorithmic and automated trading
  • Who wants to implement their trading strategies on their own
  • Who wants to build their career as quant programmers in reputed hedge funds, trading firms
  • Who wants to scale their programming and analytical skills in capital markets

Our Values

  • Integrity: We are honest, ethical, and conduct fair business practices
  • Quality: Teaching with clarity is our best Quality
  • Innovation: We constantly make efforts to be creative and innovative
  • Commitment: We are committed to students and customers
  • Passion: We are passionate for technology with discipline trading approach in capital markets
Tvisi Algo Systems LLP is now known as Trade Vectors LLP - X