TIAT - Amibroker AFL Programming Course


The course is designed for programmers, non-programmers or anyone who wants to learn automated trading, data analytics, data simulation, etc. on different platforms with Amibroker AFL application.

  • Batch Schedule: 20th June, 2022
  • Weekend Batch: Online
  • Course Duration: 45 Hours (Theory + Practical)


The course will be beneficial for market professionals, traders, programmers, technocrats, analysts, students and anyone from a Finance or IT (technical) background who wants to develop their skills in algorithmic trading using Amibroker AFL.

Distance Learning

The students who can't attend our classroom sessions can enroll in our online learning (e-Learning) program. Read More


  • What is Algorithmic Trading?
  • Steps to set up algorithmic trading desk.
  • Types of Algorithmic trading strategies. (Scalping, Jobbing, Arbitrageur, Technical Indicators / Quant Indicators trading strategies, Pair Trading).
  • What is High frequency trading (HFT)?
  • What is Co - Location?
  • Logistics of algorithmic / automated trading.
  • Future of Algorithmic Trading.
  • Algorithmic Trading in India.
  • Pros v/s Cons of Algorithmic, Automated Trading.
  • Introduction.
  • Requirements for backtesting.
  • How to do backtesting?
  • Advantages for backtesting.
  • Limitation of backtesting.
  • How to optimize backtesting process.
  • Tool for backtesting and analysis.
  • Simulation / backtesting reports and analysis.
  • What is risk: reward ratio?
  • What is peak to trough?
  • What is drawdown?
  • Amibroker Platform.
  • Introduction to AFL programming language.
  • Backtesting.
  • Code structures.
  • Exercise and examples.
  • Test.

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